Why Not Just Bits?

I believe that success in technology goes beyond knowing the latest coding languages, agile methods, or implementing AI in your business. It's about how technology helps businesses and the impact it creates.

Every week, my objective is to share lightweight and informative resources with those considering a career path in roles like CTO, as we explore together:

  • All the critical challenges CTOs face.

  • What you need to know as a CTO.

  • Hundreds of CTO resources (eBooks, Videos, and Miro templates).

About the Author

Alex Di Mango is a CTO, Community Builder and the Author of the newsletter "Not Just Bits," which support hundreds of CTOs in navigating career challenges with lightweight and informative resources.

With 10+ years of leadership experience, Alex has helped numerous companies in Italy, the UK, USA, and Germany streamline their operations, accelerate the introduction of new products, expand to new markets, and improve employee satisfaction and retention.

Alex enjoys sharing his learning and experiences with those on similar career paths, facing comparable challenges. Thanks to his guidance, many have progressed to lead teams at major companies like Zendesk, Shopify, Apple, and Facebook.

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CTO & Community Builder | Lightweight and informative resources for navigating your CTO career challenges. 10+ years in Tech.